ACG focuses on the three keys to any organization: People, Process and Profit.  By helping you to shift the performance of your people, your processes will become streamlined and profits will soar.  We help our clients accomplish their goals through our unique approach to:



The truth is the ONLY advantage you have over your competition is your talent. It’s not just about managing your talent; you must create a strategy to optimize it. At ACG, we have created a proven strategy for next level talent management that ensures optimization at every level. Our process starts with understanding the individual gifts and talents of EVERY contributor to your organization. Through a strategic acceleration, we align their talents with your goals. Our clients’ talent is more engaged, more productive and consistently moving the needle in the organizations where they serve.  We work in conjunction with your internal team to ensure that each individual contributor is adding value every day they arrive for work.



 Team Efficiency

The way we see it, there are three problems plaguing your organization: people, process and profit. And, if we are being honest, a process or profit problem is a people problem in disguise. By developing your people to operate in their areas of strength, you will accelerate your results and build strategic, efficient teams. Our team efficiency programs have increased the productivity and effectiveness of organizations significantly. We use a strategic infusion of mindset, leadership peak performance strategies and take the time to determine the synergy and effectiveness of your team, which will help each contributor align their Incredible Factor (unique gifts and talents) to your company’s goals for the ultimate in results generation.

40% of Fortune 500 companies hire executive coaches to improve the results of the organization and its talented people. According to a major study, while two-thirds of CEO’s don’t currently get coaching or leadership advice from outside companies, 96% of them report that they wish they had.  Leveraging your desire to build strong, diverse and talented workplaces, we use executive coaching as an effective road map for driving your results and bottom line while optimizing the talents of your people.