I think that we can all agree that every person is born with innate gifts and talents that can be used to solve the problems of the world, right?


I personally like to refer to them as their HUG – Hot Undeniable Gifts.  It’s what makes us unique and different; when we hire people to help us in our companies their gifting is why we choose them.

Having worked with many companies just like yours to manage the talents of their people, I can assure you that talent management is one of the hottest topics in the workforce today.  But, let me also assure you that it is one of the most misunderstood. You see, it’s not just about managing your talent; it’s about creating an environment where your talent is optimized.  When I say optimized, I mean the process of helping your people to be as actively engaged, productive and contributory as possible.  Think of it this way, your talent [people] only operating at peak performance levels at all times.

The truth is that 70% of American workers are not reaching their full potential. Sadly, these employees are costing organizations between 450 to 550 billion dollars a year in lost productivity. (source: Gallup Business Journal)

Ouch. If your company has employees who are not reaching their full potential than you are definitely feeling the brunt of what happens when your people lose focus and stop cultivating their talent.  There is a link between an engaged workforce and your company’s bottom line and engagement (or lack there of) is a direct result of company culture.

And, let’s be clear, a disengaged employee is one who complains, makes excuses, lacks enthusiasm, doesn’t add value or help others is easily distracted and is okay not experiencing personal growth.  And they are also not exceeding their goals on a consistent basis. I could go on but I think you get the point – and that is that you can’t afford to have employees that are disengaged, especially when your people are your only differentiator.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can incite a culture shift that would re-engage your people and have them working harder than ever to achieve your core company goals.  After all, engaged employees (from our work creating engaged employees with our clients) are 31% more productive, achieve 37% higher sales, are 3 times more creative, communicate 58% better up, down and across an organization.

What would happen to your company if your people were optimized?

You can start the path toward actively re-engaging your workforce in four phases (but I wouldn’t recommend attempting this on your own):

Phase One: Re-frame – in this phase, you adjust the organizations global mindset.  We recommend  strategic planning with leaders at every level, focus groups and vision boarding of the culture, vision, goals and the big why of the company.  You also re-frame your company’s mission, industry leader and brand statements and community commitment.

Phase Two: Revitalize – in this phase time is spent creating and renewing strategy around the body of the organization.  Clarification is made about the environment and how it needs to be to ensure goal achievement and key contributors are given projects to solidify an inclusive, productive environment.

Phase Three: Restructure – in this phase, you verify that your talent is in the best position for them and the company based on the renewed focus and reframed goals.  This phases presents the most challenge and change because you are completely (if you do it right) shaking up the status quo, which likely will be met with opposition on every side.

Phase Four: Renew – in this phase, you are establishing a new normal at every level and following through on the new culture promises and surprises at every turn.  You are inviting your people to help create the new culture so that they can support it at all costs and feel like they are truly a part of the organization.

And these four phases are just the beginning.  There’s much work to do in order to truly shift your culture and unlock your people’s potential so that they significantly move the needle in your company.  We’d love to chat with you about how we can help.   Simply visit https://www.amethystconsultinggroup.com to learn more about how we use customized and strategic talent optimization strategies to help you unlock your people’s potential and shift your culture into one that is productive, supportive, engaged and empowered in record time.

©2014 by Darnyelle A. Jervey. All Rights Reserved. Darnyelle A. Jervey, MBA, is the CEO of the Amethyst Consulting Group. Amethyst Consulting Group is a company that specializes in talent optimization. We help corporations and organizations optimize their emerging, expanding and executive business leaders so that they advance their organization.  Let’s face it, your organization likely has three problems: process, profit and people.  And since we are being honest, you’ll likely admit that a process or profit problem is really a people problem in disguise.  Through understanding the power of talent optimization, you can build stronger leaders that are engaged, empowered and equipped to move the needle in your organization.  To start optimizing your talent, visit https://www.amethystconsultinggroup.com today.

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