What if there was a way to align your personal brand with your company culture without “selling” out, burning out, stressing out or checking out?

If you are a corporate executive, business leader or aspiring leader who is struggling with the impact of balancing your personal brand with your professional brand and responsibilities so that they authentically align in your career as it pertains to:

  • Executive challenges
  • Management challenges
  • Team challenges
  • Organizational challenges

Start by answering the following questions:

  • Is the transition to management more than you were prepared for and could you use some help navigating it successfully?
  • Are the challenges of managing the efforts of others causing personal productivity and focus challenges?
  • Do you struggle to see the impact your management style is having on others?
  • Do you feel like it’s necessary that your personal brand “sell out” so that you advance your career?
  • Do you micromanage instead of focusing on empowering your team to achieve your goals and objectives because you are afraid to be an authentic leader?
  • Do you need to breathe new life into your team so that they get re-energized and positioned to grow your department’s results?
  • Do you have new leaders and aspiring leaders who need to understand the importance of building a personal and professional brand that supports your organization’s goals and objectives?
  • Could you get excited about developing an effective career management strategy that maximizes your talents and positions you to accelerate your career quickly?
  • Would unconventional team building strategies for optimal employee engagement help your job of managing others easier?
  • Do you requires guidance, coaching and support so that you effectively lead in your position?
  • Would empowering your front line employees with proven leadership strategies impact your customer service levels so that you build more clients for life and enjoy exponential earnings growth each quarter?
  • Could you get excited about having your own qualified executive business coach or expert training and development facilitator infuse your team and leaders with strategies designed to maximize the impact that your organization makes in your industry through define, owning and unleashing personal and professional branding strategies throughout the organization at every level with consistency and focus?

Yes? Then you’re in the right place. The Amethyst Consulting Group specializes in executive coaching, leadership and personal brand training and development, keynotes and workshops that are designed to help your leaders at all levels define, own, unleash and leverage their Incredible Factor so that your organization consistently advances and attracts new clients and top talent. We will show you how to bridge the gap between your personal brand and corporate culture so that you build a peak performing management team.

Regardless of the role you fill in your organization: front line manager, department manager, director, C-suite executive or aspiring C-suite executive leading in a Fortune 500, 250, or 100 organization, it is necessary for you to learn how to define, own, unleash and leverage both your personal and professional Incredible Factor because the key to developing peak performing teams depends on your ability to position yourself and your team for clear, distinguishable industry growth. And it is possible to do this without losing your personal brand, presence and joy.

Certified Executive Coach Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA, is a certified executive coach via The Center for Executive Coaching and can help you to create an environment that is conducive to success that engages front line employees so that customers and clients get an experience that builds a customer for life. And for your middle level managers, we help them to find their own peak performing managing style so that their teams produce happily and consistently so that your organization stands out from the crowd of those who technically do what you do.

We offer several training and development programs, executive coaching, brand development and strategic leadership retreats all designed to show you and/or your team how to define, own, unleash and leverage your corporate Incredible Factor.

We offer a 4 Phased approach to helping you navigate successfully in your career:

Phase 1: DEFINE the challenge, problem or obstacle

Phase 2: Discover how the challenge is impacting your ability to lead others effectively. A detailed 360-assessment is conducting in this phase. Our goal is to help the leader OWN the role they plan in goal achievement

Phase 3: Design a clear vision of what you’d like instead and create the strategy to align your vision with what will be necessary to achieve the goal so that you UNLEASH your skills and talents for the organization’s gain.

Phase 4: Deliver a strategy to shift results for maximum career impact so that you gain significant career LEVERAGE.