What Audiences Are Saying

“I can’t believe the amount of value Darnyelle shared during her presentation. I have heard so many people talk about networking, but NEVER like Darnyelle has. She was inspiring, she educated me and gave me practical tips I can apply right now to make my networking more effective for career advancement.” T. Latrelle, WHUR Radio

“I had heard others talk about how dynamic Darnyelle is, but when I witnessed it for myself, OMG all of the hype is not hype at all. Darnyelle is an amazing speaker and she doesn’t give fluff, she gives actionable strategies. I am amazed at her wealth of knowledge and the professionalism of her presentation. If you want a dynamic speaker to inspire and educate with the right balance of fun and humor, Darnyelle Jervey Harmon is the right choice.” L. Dixon, Long & Foster, Realty

“I really enjoyed listening to Darnyelle. It is always a pleasure to experience the passion that she shares with others. I always love being in her space because her energy radiates to everyone in the room. Exciting, motivating and thought provoking. Darnyelle will captivate your spirit as she challenges you to explore your inner passion, abundance, confidence and expectation. This workshop was well worth attending!” Mary Jamison, Mary Kay Cosmetics

"As a speaker, Darnyelle was inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting. She kept my attention consistently throughout the event; the environment was electric, and full of expectation. The entrepreneurs and vendors who attended the event were icons of enterprise. The exchange of ideas, partnerships and collaboration were unparalleled. Darnyelle is awe inspiring and is a demonstration of Passion, Abundance, Confidence, and Expectation in action. I can’t wait until the next event!" Linda Dillard

” I was empowered by Darnyelle’s passionate delivery and infusion of music to motivate and inspire us to Dream the Incredible. I am going to recommend they bring
her in every year.” Noelia Estevez

“Darnyelle was very informative and fulfilling. I learned a lot. Darnyelle you were phenomenal. You provided me with some tools that I feel will be very beneficial to me. The information that I received has caused me to look at myself as well as my life differently. I am very excited about expanding my mind and opening myself up to experience new and exciting things. I am so glad that our company chose her to train us.” Nicole Dobbs

“I was so impressed by your talk about personal branding. You exude excitement. I could feel your positive influence. And most importantly you share some practical strategies that I can apply to my personal brand right now!” Barbara Devlin

“Your speech was powerful. In just fifteen minutes, you empowered me and gave me the keys to an advance my career. Thank You.” Lorretta S.

Thank you so much! I needed your words of empowerment. You are such an inspiration to me and you are definitely going places in life. May God continue to bless you.” Mary Motley

“I really appreciate the generous spirit that Darnyelle shares with her clients through her companies. She was open and receptive to my words during our coaching sessions and responded genuinely and truthfully.” Fenesha H.

“I’ve been the photographer at the Dawn Training Institute graduation ceremony for years and Darnyelle was by far the best commencement speaker they’ve ever
had.” Tim Dishong, Creative Image Associates

“I just finished Darnyelle’s book, “Maximizing the Incredible You,” and it was great, I got empowered and my husband, who kows a lot about marketing and branding did too. She has my whole household buzzing.” Sue Frost, Organize My Life

“Darnyelle is a phenomenal woman! Her high energy and boundless vision of tapping into your true potential will inspire anyone that comes into her presence. Darnyelle will not only motivate and inspire you, but will also provide the tools you need to achieve your own vision and goals. She has taken her own tragedies, turned them into triumphs and is helping hundreds of others do the same. If you want a speaker for your event that is more than a cheerleader, hire Darnyelle and watch change come into the lives of those who are blessed to be a part of her audience.” Michelle Brown, MBA, PhD President Catalyst Enterprise International

Darnyelle, in a word… Incredible. This woman’s enthusiasm should be bottled and sold. It is a sheer treat to be in her presence and allow her to motivate and empower you to dream the incredible is a gift.” A. Mills Executive Director Project Stayfree

“We contracted Darnyelle to speak to the leaders in our organization and she received an overwhelming response. Her interactive approach to providing leadership principles
through her “Leadership in Lights” program is amazing. Dana Johnson, Careers Unlimited

“Darnyelle’s training was refreshing, thought-provoking and results-oriented; many of our leaders learned how to think burn the box to produce Incredible results in their positions. Her presentation was very powerful. Please continue your work. You will touch so many lives.” Dana Fenwick, Bank of America

“I continue to be impressed with Darnyelle and her ability to inspire action and change in the lives of her participants. She takes inspiration to the next level with her ability to empower you to make the changes necessary, finally to make things happen in your life. Darnyelle creates unlimited possibilities for her clients and I am so excited about our new business relationship.” Karen Louis, Empowered Women, International

“I thought Darnyelle delivered a very effective and motivating speech. I found her many useful catch phrases to be effective because they were easy to write and remember, and they could be applied to achieve success in any kind of start-up.” John DiNozzi, participant at DETC Bootcamp

“I really enjoyed the motivational speaker, Darnyelle, at the beginning of the program on Saturday. Her acronym F(ollowing)O(ne)C(ourse)U(ntil)S(uccess) really spoke to me. Sometimes it is so much easier to give up and start down another path than to continue towards your original goal. I know her advice as well as that of all the other wonderful speakers will greatly help me to create a successful business plan.” Shelby Switzer, High School Student & DETC Bootcamp Participant

“You were brilliant this morning Darnyelle. You were more than motivational, you were that but so much more. Your business oriented advice coupled with motivational fervor was a perfect beginning to our long day. I can’t tell you how good I thought you were.” Ken Anderson Entrepreneurial Director Delaware Economic Development Office

“I was really inspired by Darnyelle’s passion and vision. She has re-energized me to keep moving forward with my dreams and goals. Hers was one of the most impactful presentations I have ever seen.” Tiffany Matthews, President Sigma Zeta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Darnyelle has the ability to offer expertise, experience and excellence to the Career Team participants. She is an invaluable resource and we are always so inspired by her presentations! James Johnson, Marketing Director, Career Team USA

You gave a great presentation on Tuesday. I love when you speak – you are so lively and motivating. You really have a gift!!! You make an Incredible life coach. You are absolutely perfect for that profession – you really inspire and motivate people to reach their goals. Jaime Patterson, Marketing Director

“During the program my experience was awesome and I really was blessed and inspired by it. You truly are an incredible person and I admire and applaud your drive and passion. Keep doing what you do, and I look forward to many more incredible moments!” Tia Boykins, Best Selling Author

“Darnyelle Jervey Harmon is Incredible! Her message, passion and knowledge of how to become the “Best” You is a must have and book her NOW ffor your next event.” Karen Taylor-Bass, PR Expert, Author, Empowerment Speaker

“I am incredible! Darnyelle’s presentation hit it out of the park! I have 7 double steps that I will be implementing over the next 90 days to unleash the Incredible in me!” Jennifer Dent, CEO Jennifer Dent Events

“Darnyelle, I absolutely loved your presentation. The energy and passion behind it was engaging. The 7 Incredible commands you shared will make a significant impact on my life. Please be my mentor.” Tracy Cooper, The Resume Workshop

“Darnyelle is a dreamer and visionary who knows the purpose on her life. I’ve had the pleasure of personally experiencing the love that pours from her heart and dedication that she pours into her business. With that said I highly recommend Darnyelle to help motivate, encourage, and consult with any person or organization in need of an excellent business partner and/or service provider.” Sharon Homer, Professional Realtor

“I’ve had the privilege to hear Darnyelle speak twice now and each time I have been impressed with the sincerity and passion of her message. She has great energy and an amazing presence that enfolds the audience, creating the perfect atmosphere for the seeds of empowerment she sows into the group. In addition to being a gifted teacher, she is also an author whose printed word is just as powerful as her spoken message. I highly recommend Darnyelle if you are looking to give your audience an experience that will spark a change for them and their world.” Tai Goodwin, Career Makeover Coach

“Darnyelle was by far the BEST speaker at this entire conference. Her energy, information and personal story shifted me to a whole new level. I am so glad I came. Hearing her was worth the price of admission!” Candy Miles Crocker, Washington, DC (attendee at the Get Radical Women’s Conference)

“Darnyelle came to speak at the Special Event Conference in Tampa, FL and her reviews were among the highest at the entire 5 day conference. Participants shared how real she was and how her story empowered them to learn how to grow their businesses. We will definitely have Darnyelle back as future conferences.” Tara Megonlis, The Special Event Conference Organizer

“Darnyelle’s interactive presentation during our Women’s Week at Delaware State had the young ladies ready to own their Incredible Factor. The are still beaming about her presentation, calling her the best speaker they’ve witnessed in 4 years at Delaware State.” Dr. Robin Roberts, Director of Student Activities, Delaware State University

“If the organizers of this event knew what was best to pump up the crowd, they’d bring Darnyelle back every year! She was amazing, just what we needed to get up and move into action to grow our businesses and live our best lives. I took pages of notes and for the first time in a long time I am excited to implement.” Susan Miles, Miles Consulting, Harrisburg, PA (attendee at the Women’s Forum Harrisburg, PA)