Talent Optimization

The only differentiator you have over your competition is how you develop and leverage your talent.

Talent Optimization is the process by which we clarify and connect an individual contributor’s talents to their position for the overall goal of growing the organization. When a leader’s personal brand (gifts, strengths and talents) becomes authentically aligned to the company’s goals and objectives, it ensures that each leader focuses on advancing the organization. In today’s marketplace, each individual contributor has to see their intrinsic value and how they help to solve core problems for your customers. As a business leader, we recognize that you understand the importance of having a trusted strategist who is able to provide you with a dynamic, flexible process to equips you to respond to the demands of being a business leader. Leading an organization is a complex process, and as a result as a manager or executive, you feel the strains of that demand and, it more important inhibits your Incredible Factor from performing at a level that inspires consistent growth for your organization. Talent Optimization is an effective, high impact process that equips business leaders to consistently improve their results personally and professionally. We help you to specifically not burn out, stress out or sell out in pursuit of growing your organization.

As a part of the talent optimization process, we help your leaders get a clear understanding of who they are using a series of assessments that we know indicate the talents, abilities, gifts and skills of emerging, expanding and executive leaders. At the onset of our work, we take a detailed and strategic approach to determining who your leader really is so that they can advance your organization using their Incredible Factor. Our assessments include the Kolbe A® Index, Strengths Finder and the Fascinate Branding Assessment. The combination of these assessments helps us to cut the curve of strategic alignment so that the leader AND the organization win!

  • Are the challenges of managing the efforts of others causing personal productivity and focus challenges?
  • Do you struggle to see the impact your management style is having on others?
  • Do you feel like it’s necessary that your personal brand “sell out” so that you advance your career?
  • Do you micromanage instead of focusing on empowering your team to achieve your goals and objectives?
  • Could you get excited about developing an effective career management strategy that maximizes your talents and positions you to accelerate your career quickly?
  • Would unconventional team building strategies for optimal employee engagement help your job of managing others easier?
  • Do you require guidance, coaching and support so that you effectively lead in your position?


As your Talent Optimization strategist, ACG partners with you to:

  • Clearly define your Incredible Factor and how that translates into core goals and objectives first and foremost personally and then professionally
  • Significantly improve your ability to own and unleash your personal and professional Incredible Factor [brand] so that you create peak performing teams and experience growth and results that are consistent and above average in your industry.
  • As a part of helping you to create a strategy for unleashing your Incredible Factor, you will be equipped to offer effective communication that builds a cohesive workplace that ensures motivation, support and team member buy-in to core goals and objectives
  • Develop strategies that minimize discord and unproductive work environments while maximizing productivity and profitability
  • To help you leverage your Incredible Factor, we will offer proven strategies for delegation, time management and work/life balance integration
  • We also have access to resource to help you with creating a visual brand to correspond with your professional brand and leadership presence
As your Talent Optimization strategist, ACG’s job is to help you:
  • Further develop as a strong leader who authentically creates opportunities for others to follow
  • Understand the role you play in the education and empowerment of your team to ensure peak performance is the result
  • Create effective systems, strategies and solutions that align with your personal and professional brand so that you love the contribution you are making for the organization in which you serve
  • Remain accountable to the goals you set for your personal and professional development
  • Define problems and obstacles as they arrive, design a plan to solve the problem in an effective manner and deliver individual results as a byproduct of implementing the plan


If you are ready to accelerate your results, unleash your Incredible Factor and take your organization to the next level, apply for your discovery session by completing the form at the bottom of this page.


Corporate Coaching

It is a fact that empowering employees and team members to think like entrepreneurs, increases engagement, commitment, accountability and results.

Corporate coaching is a strategic infusion of individual coaching and management training applied to an entire organization’s team. Corporate coaching ensures lasting results, peak performing teams, team cohesiveness and internal empowerment and motivation, all of which are essential if you want to consistently grow your organization, your managers and your front line employees. The corporate coaching process utilizes both group training and private coaching sessions. Face-to-face coaching is supplemented by telephone and e-mail contact. Corporate coaching addresses organizations as holistic, networked systems rather than as collections of discrete “silos.” Corporate coaching promotes significant, lasting change because it transforms attitudes and habits, in addition to teaching new knowledge and skills.

Our corporate coaching helps to maximize on your talent pool so that you create strategically effective brand ambassadors who are ready, willing and able to advance your company’s position.

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