Case Studies

Potential clients often ask what kinds of results past clients have achieved through my coaching and professional development programs. I’ve prepared the case studies listed here as composites of former clients, but names and other identifiers were changed to protect the confidentiality of my clients.

Jillian: From Just Another Manager to Manager on the Move

When Jillian first joined the company, she was seen as the next big leader but somehow she got lost in the demands of her position, and failed to connect authentically so she failed to stand out. After a performance appraisal that would have her spend another year in her current position without a promotion, Jillian realized that she needed help to shift her leadership style and she contacted me for coaching. Read the case study.

Bryna: From Invisible to Executive Presence

Bryna was always a team player who didn’t mind standing in the background while others took center stage to represent the non-profit organization where she was a Chief Program Officer. When the attention suddenly shifting to her program, she needed a quick boost to her brand and executive presence so that she would represent her organization well when she met with leaders in Washington DC. Read the case study.

Kimberly: From Overwhelmed Officer to Powerful Producer

Kimberly’s leadership style was chaotic at best. She missed deadlines, appeared disheveled to her team and lacked focus on key initiatives. While she wasn’t managing the efforts of others, she was a part of a team and she was often not pulling her weight. In her opinion, she was doing her best but honestly felt disconnected from her position and as a result was easily distracted. Her director hired me as a last effort to shift her results as a part of a plan for success. If she didn’t get it together, she was going to be looking for a job. Read the case study.

Jason: From Bad News Bears to Top Performing Team

Jason was a new manager to his department in Customer Service and his team was largely comprised of those that were a last attempt in the department, meaning they were on their way to the unemployment line if they didn’t produce. Jason was a little afraid that if he didn’t rally the troops and produce results, he, too, would be in that growing line. Jason hired me to help him create a cohesive unit by focusing on his teams personal strengths and getting them together around the company’s goals and objectives. Just three months after Jason and I began working together, he achieved his first of many awards as Top Performing Team in the department. Read the case study.