Bryna was always a team player who didn’t mind standing in the background while others took center stage to represent the non-profit organization where she was a Chief Program Officer. When the attention suddenly shifting to her program, she needed a quick boost to her brand and executive presence so that she would represent her organization well when she met with leaders in Washington DC.

When she contacted me, she was not 100% confident in her abilities to represent her organization well. Bryna and I held a VIP Brand Strategy Day focused on her personal and professional brand. In her own words, this is where she was prior to our day together:

“Before working with Darnyelle, I had heard the term “personal brand” thrown around loosely but I have never done any work trying to discover my brand. I honestly thought that personal branding was for celebrities. Before I even arrived for my day with her, I took three assessments that really opened my eyes about my strengths and how to align them to my non-profit organization. In my day with Darnyelle, she helped me to define my brand attributes, develop my brand statement, create my brand toolkit and my core values. Then she led me through a series of mindset activities so that I could confidently step into my strengths as a leader in my organization. Then, we created a plan for how to continue to elevate and unleash my brand to advance both myself and my organization. I don’t know what I would have done had it not been for Darnyelle and her branding systems. I cannot thank her enough.”

To help Bryna, I employed my Incredible Factor Brand Acceleration System, which is a detailed 10-step personal brand development system that capitalizes on the strengths, values and contributions for each leader within an organization. The system focuses on our core tenets for each client’s Incredible Factor – define, own, unleash and leverage. Using the system, we help them to clearly articulate and position their personal brand and then create an action plan for continued development beyond our day together.

I recently checked in with Bryna and she has been promoted in her organization to Chief Operations Officer. She attributed much of her success to getting crystal clear about her personal brand so that she can focus on working in her strengths and developing a team that would do the same.