Jason was a new manager to his department in Customer Service and his team was largely comprised of those that were a last attempt in the department, meaning they were on their way to the unemployment line if they didn’t produce. Jason was a little afraid that if he didn’t rally the troops and produce results, he, too, would be in that growing line. Jason hired me to help him create a cohesive unit by focusing on his teams personal strengths and getting them together around the company’s goals and objectives. Just three months after Jason and I began working together, he achieved his first of many awards as Top Performing Team in the department.

My methodology:
At the onset of working with Jason, I had him complete a few assessments, Kolbe, Strengths Finder and Branding with Archetypes to get a clear understanding of his strengths and leadership style. After understanding who Jason was, it would be easier to help him to speak in a language that would engage his team.

The process:
Jason and I started with a 1/2 VIP Strategy day where I reviewed his results and helped him to translate his strengths into his authentic leadership style. This way, everything that he did with his team would feel good to him, improve their communication and help him to create a peak performing team.

After our day together, I made a site visit to his office to observe him with his team. I took what I learned and transferred into an action plan to engage, incent and strengthen his team.

The results:
A core part of my action plan with Jason was to spend time helping his team buy into the Whys – why his company existed, why each of them mattered, why he was happy to be leading them. Through the increased dialogue, his team began to “warm up” and see him as a true team player and not their boss.

At my urgence, Jason held a strengths based team meeting with his team where I was invited to share about strengths and lead a few activities to promote cohesiveness. I encouraged Jason to “get into the trenches” with his team because connectedness and relator were two of his top strengths. He did just that. He began to hold side by sides where a member of his team listened to him take customer calls. He would them let the team member offer feedback and opportunities for improvement.

The final phase was to create a contest. Jason, as well as each member of his team, could win the grand prize. The team was so inspired and engaged that they began to improve their results. At the end of their first 90 days, Jason received the ultimate reward. He and his team became the department top performers.

When a team member on the verge of being fired was asked what made the difference he responded: “Jason did. For the first time since I have been with this company, I had a manager who cared about me, asked me about my strengths and found a way for me to use my strengths in my position each day. I started to come to work excited and I began to love talking with our customers. I would recommend that every manager in this company undergo what Jason did. He is truly a leader I am happy to follow.”