InMotion Global Case studies

Jillian – From Just Another Manager to Manager on the Move
(Remember client names have been changed to protect confidentiality.)

Jillian works for a Fortune 100 Technology Company where she is one 150 front line managers.  She has always been a solid performer, but she hasn’t stepped up and taken any risks that would accelerate her career and get her to the level of department manager.  Just before contacting me, Jillian was having her annual performance appraisal and she failed to position her skills and talents in a way that led her manager to believe she was ready for next level organizational leadership.  Simultaneously, she was having personal life challenges that were inhibiting her ability to step up and do more at work.

Desperate to Stand Out
In her own words, Jillian said that she felt like she was just another manager and although she had career aspirations to advance, she was failing to connect to a leadership style that would incent her team to become better performers. She had watched several of her peers move up and onto their dream position because they had successfully built a team that was achieving company goals and objectives monthly.  Part of her challenge was that she didn’t feel that her contribution was respected.

This left her less confident, less focused on going above and beyond and just another manager. She was clear that something was holding her back while her peers were moving up and on in their careers.

Defining and Disregarding Obstacles
One of the first activities I suggested for Jillian was to complete a self assessment so that we could identify her beliefs and sabotaging behaviors in an effort to reframe her goals and objectives into a more positive outlook. 95% of all success is mindset.  Helping a client shift their mindset is essential to helping them to shift their results. Often a client’s mental image of themselves is the reason why they aren’t achieving.  In Jillian’s case her personal struggle was messing with her confidence in her position and that was coming out in her results. 

I shared reframing techniques, for example, that helped Jillian shift her energy in a healthier way. She realized that attitude isn’t automatic; it’s a personal choice.

As we peeled back the layers, Jillian began to develop an empowered esteem that was in alignment with her career objectives and lifelong dreams. We successfully reframed her old beliefs and shifted her confidence which showed an immediate impact in her performance and management style.

A Bold Shift
We had devoted a great deal of effort to removing subconscious self-limiting belief systems, so the next step in our process was to start unleashing Jillian’s Incredible Factor also known as her personal brand.

In working with my clients, I show them how to build their brand around their own unique personality and innate gifts and talents. I explained how effective branding reveals traits and truths that live within you, projecting them outwardly to your target audience. While doing the branding work, Jillian realized that her true calling is building leaders . We collectively developed a process she would go on to use to help her team of customer service representatives develop leadership traits and gain experience so that she could impact their careers. Watching her eyes light up as she revealed what she can do to help her team perform better was so rewarding. 

 We set up a plan that Jillian would work with her team for 3 months, with an evaluation at each month end. The subtle changes in her leadership style felt good to her and were duly noted by her management team.

Manager on the Move
Jillian’s management modifications got the attention of her director and today she is developing a leadership program for her department to help all managers create a similar process for their teams.  Oh, she finally got that promotion that she’d been after for a few years.

By helping Jillian define her Incredible Factor and learn how to authentically bridge the gap she was able to build a team that performed optimally and as a result, the entire company is now using her strategies to build more leaders within the organization.