As a certified executive coach, I am often asked why do I feel that coaching is so necessary to help leaders advance your organization. To prove my point, let me take you back a ways to Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan. From the sidelines, Phil could see exactly what Michael needed to do in order to score the championship winning shot.

You may argue that Michael could’ve done it on his own; but I argue that coaches can see things that you can’t because their vantage point is different than yours.

Coaches show you what you don’t want to see and tell you what you don’t want to hear so that they help you to become who you were created to be. Period.

Sports have understood the significance of having coaches since the beginning but as leaders in organizations, we’ve been a little more slow to see the value that good coaches can add. Yet, recent studies show that 93% of employees believe that coaching is crucial to job performance and goal achievement amongst those who desire to lead in their industry.

Executive coaches are able to help your organization get results like those found in a recent survey of Fortune 1000 companies who’ve engaged executive coaches in the past 2 years for a duration of anywhere from 6 months to one year:
• 77% improved working relationships with direct reports
• 71% improved working relationships with immediate supervisors
• 67% improved team work
• 63% improved relationships with peers
• 61% improved job satisfaction
• 52% reduced conflict in the workplace
• 42% improved organizational commitment
• 37% improved relationships with clients

And as a result of the results above, the companies who engaged the executive coaches saw these results:
• 53% improved productivity
• 48% improved quality
• 48% improved organizational strength
• 39% improved customer service
• 32% executive retention
• 23% cost reduction
• 22% bottom line profitability

The same survey showed that on average amongst respondents for every dollar spent on coaching, the companies earned $7.09.

At Your Corporate Incredible Factor we infuse your leaders with skills, strategies and solutions that position them to perform at their peak, while making decisions that attract more clients and grow your company’s results.

Let’s talk today about how we can help your leaders unleash their Incredible Factor so that they advance your organization.

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