Interview With Darnyelle

I am Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA, an award winning executive coach, brand optimization strategist and leadership mentor and the creator of the Leverage Your Corporate Incredible Factor System®.

I am a former VP for a Fortune 500 company who now specializes in empowering business leaders to develop strong personal brands and bridge the gap between their brand and the company culture so that they create peak performing teams. I accomplish this through my own proprietary 10-step process, the Leverage Your Corporate Incredible Factor Sysem™.

All work is done privately and because I do the work personally I am only able to accept a limited number of clients each year. But I do also offer corporate workshops and speaking engagements.

Whether in private or group settings, the focus is always the same – I teach practical steps and innovative methods for boosting personal brands faster to get more leadership responsibility – regardless of how fierce the competition is or how challenging the economic environment happens to be.

What’s this Leverage Your Corporate Incredible Factor System all about?

I believe that everyone has an Incredible Factor. Some unleash theirs by starting their own business and others unleash theirs by helping business owners build their businesses. There is no wrong way to unleash your Incredible Factor. Instead, it’s about understanding how to define, own, unleash and leverage your gifts and talents in the name of solving problems for your company so that they attract more clients and gain leverage in their industry.

For corporate business leaders (managers, department managers, officers, directors, etc), the system provides guidance, support and instruction on mindset, personal branding and strategy that advances your career. The 10-step system will help you to stand out, get noticed and build a career that you love while supporting your company in an authentic and compelling way.

In my “keeping it real” way, I simply share exactly what you can do to define, own, unleash and leverage your Incredible Factor so that you start making the money of your dreams.

I’m happy to share that my system has been created in two different versions, one for entrepreneurs and one for business leaders.

Leverage Your Corporate Incredible Factor

  • Step #1 Master an Incredible Factor Mindset
  • Step #2 Clarify and Connect with Your Goals, Vision and Plan to Advance Your Career
  • Step #3 Maximize Your Strengths, Value and Talents
  • Step #4 Accelerate Your Incredible Factor Brand
  • Step #5 Create Your Executive Presence by Boosting Your Presentation and Platform Skills
  • Step #6 Communicate for Impact and Influence: Manage Up, Down and Across with Style & Grace
  • Step #7 Bridge the Gap Between Personal Brand & Company Culture
  • Step #8 Next Level Networking Strategies
  • Step #9 Create Peak Performing Teams
  • Step #10 Establish Your Career Building Systems

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you become an Incredible Factor Executive Coach and Brand Optimization Consultant and Mentor?

My career started in Corporate America just after college graduation and with every performance appraisal, I was rewarded and praised for my leadership skills and professional presence. I quickly leaped up the corporate level, going to representative in Customer Service to Vice President in three short years. Throughout my career, whether I was managing a project or the efforts of others, I was focused, poised and committed to making an impact. My communication skills, leadership abilities and professional presence were often showcased for others around the company through mentorship programs. Today, I take my natural abilities, education and skills to help other leaders experience similar results in their professional careers. I have made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping business leaders learn the branding, communication and leadership skills and strategies to define, own, unleash and leverage their Incredible Factor to enjoy a life full of more time, more income, and more freedom. I am committed to using my coaching and mentorship programs, workshops, products, masterminds and VIP private coaching and consulting days to create successful lives and careers for women… and a few good men.

Since then, I have worked with hundreds of clients, spoken in front of countless groups, conducted monthly branding workshops and think tanks all over the country, and created the Leverage Your Corporate Incredible Factor System®; a proven 10 step system that teaches branding and career acceleration strategies to today’s women business leaders.

Who exactly are your individual and corporate clients?

We work with individual leaders like you in large corporations who are really good at what they do but aren’t getting the results they yearn for in terms of exponential career growth and promotion potential. We’ve worked with fast-tracking senior managers, directors, vice-presidents, presidents, and chief executive officers.

We also offer corporate services such as executive coaching and developmental workshops to assist mid to large sized corporations – including Fortune 500 companies – in preparing their leaders for greater success. Our specialty includes brand optimization – or how to help your leaders build strong personal and professional brands that enhance and develop peak performing teams so that your organization gains more industry leverage.

Newbie Nancy/Ned -is an emerging leader in your organization. Typically fresh out of college and in a management development program, within 1-2 years of being hired by your organization who needs help navigating the leadership path of your organization. As a new leader, Nancy needs guidance, support, coaching and brand development strategy to become a SME.

Leading Lacey/Lorenzo – is a Corporate Business Leader. She is advancing her career, building her executive brand and presence and using her Incredible Factor to build a strong, profitable, peak performing team. Lacey’s challenge is ensuring congruency between her Incredible Factor and her organization’s culture. While she’s not new to leadership, she needs effective strategies to maximize the contribution she is making while balancing her goals, desires, leadership style and purpose for expanding your organization’s reach. Lacey needs brand strategy development so that she can be seen and recognized as the advancing business leader that she is. She needs guidance, systems and support for managing her team so that the organization’s Incredible Factor continues to make headlines under her leadership.

Executive Ebony/Eric – is a C-suite executive business leader who is responsible for the corporate culture and development of an advancing organization. She is balancing a lot and as a result she needs help with accountability and enacting leadership that inspires results. She wants to maintain a peak performing management team and wants to illustrate the value of understanding the contribution to the company each member of her team represents. Ebony needs help instilling culture, keeping management fresh and inspiring ideas that will unleash a corporate Incredible Factor while allowing each individual leader to feel authentic.

Corporate Leaders:
You want to be the best corporate leader that you can
You are ready for a fresh approach to managing the efforts of others
You are ready, willing and able to make an investment in growing your organization
You are serious about becoming the change you want to see in your organization
You are enthusiastic about sharing your company’s message with the world in a big way
You are finished making excuses and are instead ready to make plans
Building a peak performing profitable team is a priority for you
Feeling congruent and authentic in your work is essential to your daily operations
You know that your personal brand needs to be polished so that you can build the career of your dreams
You struggle with being able to clearly articulate your brand message and promise

Do you ONLY work with women?

No, I do also work with a few good men (smile). All Incredible Factor executive coaching or development programs are open to all high achievers within your organization.

Do you offer professional development seminars and keynote speeches?

I am an active member of the National Speakers Association and provide keynote speeches, professional development workshops, and breakout sessions for all types of business leaders and industries. I specialize in global leadership conferences, women’s empowerment conferences and conventions where I share my expertise and personal experiences in dynamic, interactive ways to advance entrepreneurs through my Leverage Your Incredible Factor System. I also speak on team building, empowerment, sales, branding, marketing, leadership development and communication.

What types of industries do you serve?

We have provided executive coaching and leadership development seminars in a variety of different industries including:

  • Accounting
  • Airline
  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Career Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Healthcare/Dentistry
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Finance
  • Franchise Management
  • Government
  • Home Improvement
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Higher Education
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Media
  • Medical Technology
  • Political Campaign
  • Senior Housing
  • Staffing

But what if you haven’t yet worked with people in my particular field?

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in a wide diversity of professional fields through my private coaching and consulting practice – while leading dozens of corporate workshops – and also during my previous corporate career. So chances are I’ve worked with someone in your industry or profession. But if your particular field is new to me then you not at a disadvantage – quite the contrary. Here’s why:

I help my clients create a customized personal brand development plan so I will get to know you and your unique needs and develop a plan around it. This will make the work we do unique and specific, completely tailored to your growth and development objectives.

How are you different from other executive coaches?

Although I have a natural gift to move people forward, I am a professionally trained and certified executive coach. I have invested in my clients by getting professionally trained and taking serious the position I hold to help you unleash your Incredible Factor. It is my mission to move your life and career FORWARD through a strategic blend of coaching, consulting and mentoring. As an executive coach, I specialize in helping business leaders build and optimize a professional brand that advances your organization both internally and externally. I do not try to be a “Jill Of All Trades” coach. I excel in helping leaders with branding strategy that positions them to be more effective leaders and managers so that they create peak performing teams within your organization. My clients are looking to bridge the gap between their personal brand and the company’s culture. I help them avoid burn out, stress out or sell out so that it is an organizational win-win. Because I ONLY do this kind of work, my clients are clearer and achieve their goals much clearer.

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

Your Corporate Incredible Factor™ workshops, products, and programs were created for individuals who are absolutely excited and really serious about building their brand and taking their career aspirations from vision to reality. We also cater to corporations that need to prepare their top talent to quickly and effectively shoulder greater responsibility, increase their leadership visibility, and achieve higher performance that drives profitability in measurable ways.

Being a high-achieving, ambitious go-getter myself, I typically work best with other driven visionaries who are super-ready for next level success and just want to know exactly what steps to take to get there right away. I see the most rewarding and immediate results when working with clients who are already successful, who have invested heavily in their professional development, and who have a burning desire to become the superstar in their industry. Clients who trust my guidance and suggestions to help them progressively reinvent, evolve, and think BIG – and who are committed to stepping out of their comfort zones and rolling up their sleeves to reach their ultimate potential – get the most from our personalized and highly customized collaboration.

The Leverage Your Corporate Incredible Factor System® is a dynamic, high-intensity action-learning course. You will be expected to take serious and consistent developmental steps with no excuses. In exchange I promise to provide full support, a very different way of thinking, and the tools and resources you need to finally reach an incredibly rewarding and thrilling goal. The formula is really quite simple. You devote yourself to the process and do the work. I provide the blueprint, encouragement, insight, and expertise. You use these proven strategies to build your brand and accelerate your organizations success in record time.

For what type of professional is this program NOT going to work?

Please know that I cherry pick my clients choosing only to work with those who are ready to take consistent action to accelerate their professional brand and careers. If I determine that my programs are not appropriate for someone then I refer them elsewhere. Otherwise it would not be fair to them or to my other clients who deserve my undivided attention.

Your Corporate Incredible Factor programs are NOT for those who have a poor attitude, are financially desperate, or are in the habit of invoking excuses for their lack of success or who blame the economy and corporate culture for inhibiting their career advancement. It’s been my experience that people with defeatist attitudes who are skeptical that they can actually build a strong brand and peak performing team despite the odds do not trust the recommendations I give them. They are also reluctant to do the necessary work – perhaps because so much of their precious time and vital energy is spent in negativity. This system is designed for those who dwell on what is ultimately possible and have a positive attitude about leveraging their Incredible Factor so that they build the lives and careers they want and deserve.

What can I expect in working with you?

  • Clarity on what you really want in your life and career
  • Accomplish your goals
  • A brand that inspires excellence
  • More meaningful existence
  • Move from status quo to excellence
  • A better quality of life
  • Increased confidence
  • Re-focus on your inner self and self identity
  • Clear values and personal mission
  • Understanding of what’s holding you back
  • Clarity on where you want to be
  • A plan for unleashing your Incredible Factor
  • Get more of what you want in your life
  • Remove external obstacle/barriers
  • Personal development
  • Work/Life balance

How quickly can I expect results?

Your results are going to depend on your desire and determination to implement the changes that we uncover during your sessions. Most of my clients experience results in just a few weeks but continue working with me for a longer period of time to change the trajectory of their lives.

What will be my return on investment?

As a coach and mentor, I change peoples lives which makes the investment priceless. In terms of real value, my clients experience more fulfillment, confidence and personal growth. They accelerate their careers. You are making an investment in you. You are not haphazardly spending money. Your investment is in focus, goal achievement and life changing skills that will make you more productive and fulfilled.

Darnyelle, I have heard what I need to consider you the coach and mentor for me. What is my next step?

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