Leadership Development

Our leadership development programs have increased the productivity of organizations significantly. We use a strategic infusion of mindset, personal branding and leadership peak performance strategies to help leaders align their Incredible Factor (unique gifts and talents) to your company’s goals for the ultimate in results generation. While we have some workshops that have been pre-designed specifically for our Corporate clients, we enjoy customizing workshops to ensure that your individual goals and objectives are met in an efficient manner.

While most organizations choose a “From the Top Down” approach, we specialize in a “From the Bottom Up” approach to building leaders and accelerating the growth that ensues. We find that when you start with those who greatly impact your results and customer satisfaction levels, the growth tends to be more sustainable. Miscommunication declines, performance goes up and turn over goes way down to give your organization an opportunity to dominate in your industry. As we can agree that the true differentiation is your team – we offer programs tailored to your Emerging Leaders, Expanding Leaders and Executive Leaders. At every level, our goal is to build transformational leadership styles by focusing on personal brand alignment to your company’s culture. We have found that when a leader feels congruent to the work they are doing, they perform and lead much better. After working with us, you will wholeheartedly agree.

Introducing Incredible Factor Leadership Circles
Over 6 to 12 months, we take groups of 8-10 leaders at the same level and help them to define, own, unleash and leverage their skills, strengths and talents so that your organization is streamlined, stronger and more successful, holistically. These leadership development and personal branding mastermind programs help leaders successfully navigate their leadership role with executive coaching, training and development and peer support.

Regardless of the program, participants will take several assessments (Kolbe A Index, Strengths Finder 2.0 and the Fascination Index) to help Darnyelle and her team assess their strengths and use them to formulate their personal brand attributes. These attributes will go on to become a key part of their brand compass, which they will use to lead within your organization. Each level of the program also includes some level of private executive coaching with Darnyelle and her team. The program, at every level, also includes interactive mindset coaching and activities to help the leaders prevent self sabotage and fear from affecting their job performance.

Emerging Leadership Program
In this program, we work with your aspiring and new front line leaders to help them unlock the code to authentic and empowered leadership. We help them to authentically determine their personal brand and leadership style so that they can authentically and strategically align to your company culture and create significant results. In this program we:

* Define their personal brand and leadership profile by helping them determine their innate gifts and talents
* Create a strategic approach to leading authentically
* Develop a peak performance team building strategy that is aligned to the leader and advances the organization
* Create each leader’s leadership acceleration plan
* Create mindset shifts that are pivotal to leading more effectively and driving greater results

Expanding Leadership Program
In this program, we work with your existing leaders at the AVP to Department Manager level and help them to re-calibrate their skill sets so that they more effectively advance their departments within your organization. At this level, brand alignment and leadership development is about unleashing their gifts and talents in a way that produces peak performance consistently. When you’re an expanding leader, you are managing on greater levels and so the attention to personal brand and leadership style alignment is much more customized to ensure cohesion and effective results in a short period of time. We don’t assume that each leader is clear on how their brand and leadership style advances the organization so we start with detailed assessments and use the results to guide the plan we create. In this program we,

* Unleash their unique leadership and brand style
* Infuse new strategies for creating peak performing teams
* Develop cross functional teams
* Accent their strengths in their leadership style
* Manage organizational change and conflict
* Promote an entrepreneurial thinking style to accelerate results quickly within the organization

Executive Leadership Program
In this program, we work with your executive leadership team and help them to become truly transformational leaders. At this level, brand alignment and leadership development is about leverage. At this level, we implement strategies that increase cohesion, ensure peak performance and develop transformation. In this program we,

* Leverage their unique leadership and brand style
* Strategically align goals with results
* Reduce the pressure of leadership at this level with an infusion of authenticity
* Streamline communication down and across the organization

Each program adds diversity and inclusion strategies to ensure that every individual leader’s talents, strengths, uniqueness and abilities are uncovered and maximized so that the whole organization is better. And, we can customize a program for your specific needs as well.