If you’ve been paying attention, it seems as if all of a sudden, everywhere you go, people are talking about personal branding. Many people mistakenly think that personal branding is only for celebrities, athletes and the “upper echelon.” Well, many people are wrong; personal branding, by its definition, is the process we use to market our strengths to others. As we understand the strengths that accompany our personal brand, we can use them to experience growth both personally and professionally.

As I travel to speak, train and develop various stage leaders, I am often asked what does having a personal brand have to do with [achieving results for my company?]

As I shared in a previous post, the people of an organization are the true differentiators. The people make up the organizations ability to advance, excel and achieve. Period. Point Blank. We can try to act as if that is not the case but, well, when we do, we are lying to ourselves and denying our customers the right to experience transformation and satisfaction from the people who serve them within our companies.

I’d love to respond by using a well known “brand” as my example. Let’s use Lexus, the corporate brand as our example. As a company, Lexus has decided its goals, objectives and positioning to their ideal customer. The Lexus LS Line of vehicles invites the customer to “engage in an entirely new pursuit through” its product brands, LS 460, LS 460 Sport and LS 600 hL. And your individual sales person at any Lexus dealership engages his own personal style, approach and positioning so that you see him as an expert and therefore the qualifying characteristic that creates your buying decision. As illustrated in this example, each brand is aligned strategically to the overall goals and objectives of the company. The three brands converge and out of that convergence, the overall brand strengthens and more importantly the goals are achieved in excellence and cohesion because everyone played the respective role to ensure achievement.

By helping your emerging, expanding and executive leaders define, own, unleash and leverage their personal brands you equipped them to advance your organization. The work that I have done with organizations to help their various stage leaders define, own, unleash and leverage their personal brands has created the following results:

1. Performance and productivity increases by 30%. It’s a well known fact that when you feel good, you perform better. Helping each individual leader and contributor to understand the value they lend to your organization boosts self-esteem, confidence, initiative and results. And when a person understands their intrinsic value they contribute more. And remember, people will always support what they help to create.

2. Miscommunication up, down and across an organization decreases by 60%. How would your organization shift if miscommunications and misnomers decreased by 60%?! Offering leaders the opportunity to understand how to communicate and to work in areas of their strengths reduces the need to complain, disengage or become docile team members. When everyone treats each other as an important part of the team, not just in theory but because they have learned how by focusing on the personal brands and strength alignment, they become better communicators.

3. Turnover reduces by 50%. When you allow leaders to work in their strength areas, they are happier, more connected, more focused and less likely to seek another opportunity. Companies that understand the value of training and development see their employees staying around much longer.

4. Employee engagement increases by 65%. When your employees are more efficient, more fulfilled, more clear and focused, they are more energized, more present and more engaged in their daily work related responsibilities. And this translates to your share holders and customers who get a more fulfilling and satisfying experience consistently.

So when I am asked what a brand has to do with it, my response is always everything. You can create a workplace filled with engaged employees meeting your customer’s needs by going above and beyond because they WANT to or you can create a workplace filled with people who give you just what you pay them for and nothing more.

To learn more about how we can help you to build a personal branding and strengths based leadership development program to engage and align your leaders, visit the contact us page and share your biggest challenge with us.

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