Speaker FAQ

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon Empowerment Promise:

  1. To ensure your audience members have a SMILE at all times!
  2. To provide practical & proven SOLUTIONS which will confidently invite your audience to UNLEASH THEIR INCREDIBLE FACTOR!
  3. To make you the TALK OF THE TOWN for having an Incredible Event!
  5. To give your audience the tools to BURN THE BOX® & Define their own P.A.C.E.

Why hire Darnyelle to speak?
Darnyelle is passionate about empowering others to excel and succeed – especially in the areas of mindset, marketing systems and strategy. She’ll provide you with a pre-event questionnaire, study your organization and create customized presentation materials that is relevant to your school or organization and its unique challenges. As the creator of the Incredible Factor Principle and P.A.C.E. Method, she has created strategic solutions to address your organization’s needs simply by setting the P.A.C.E. for your success!

What makes Darnyelle’s presentation style Incredible?
Darnyelle’s programs are content-rich, paradigm-shifting, and strategy-packed. Her attention grabbing, humorous, heart-felt, entertaining, and highly interactive style of delivery engages audiences immediately! She keeps it REAL! She speaks from her heart and has a magnetizing impact on participants.

Why do Meeting Planners love to book Darnyelle?
Darnyelle is an extremely versatile presenter. She speaks to students, staff, new hires, seasoned professionals, women, men and entrepreneurs. Large audiences or small, Darnyelle speaks to the heart of all participants. She doesn’t lecture nor use a podium, she empowers, coaches, consults, interacts, dances, motivates, and transforms! Most importantly, she speaks from her HEART! Darnyelle is Incredibly professional and easy to work with. Her staff, website, booking documents, and electronic material make the booking experience enjoyable and fun!

Does Darnyelle do Break-Out Sessions?
YES! She loves the opportunity to develop strategy for effective growth and development. Also, when you book Darnyelle, she will provide one FREE break-out session!

What are the other value added options provided by Darnyelle?
As an award-winning author, Darnyelle takes great care to develop books that provide contuniung educational opportunities for her audiences. As a part of booking Darnyelle, you will automatically receive a minimum of 10 FREE books. Additionally, Darnyelle enjoys interacting with participants after the event and will sign copies of her books.

How can we make sure that everyone who attends the event gets one of Darnyelle’s books?
Because continuing educational materials are extremely effective in empowering participants, Darnyelle wants to help you to get a copy of a book for each member of the audience. Be sure to talk with Darnyelle or her staff about this option as she can show you how at no additional cost to you, every member receives one of her best-selling books.