Strategic Retreats

What will it take to move your leadership team or organization forward? Strategy. But, not just any strategy. Customized Strategy.

If you are stuck trying to figure out how to plug the holes in your business or organization by yourself or with your team (those that are so close to the problem that they can’t see straight) it might be time to raise the white flag and engage a qualified consultant and facilitator with proven results to help you build a strategy that will effectively advance your business or organization.

For more than 10 years, Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA, has been leading individuals and organizations through strategic planning activities that have successfully engaged staff, advanced the organization and led to more tangible results for the business or organization as a whole. And she created her Strategic Planning Retreats with you in mind so that she can help you to do the same.

The strategic planning process is a challenging time for any business or organization. As a result, it is important to ensure that you choose a qualified consultant and master facilitator to lead you through the process. As the famous quote states, “it is hard to see the picture when you are the frame.” As the frame in your organization’s goal structure, you’ll not be able to effectively evaluate the picture that is being seen by your community, shareholders, team members and clients.

Because strategy is an area that confuses many, our expert guidance and support will minimize the confusion as you build a plan that is easy to understand and more importantly, to implement.

Strategic Planning Retreats
Strategic Planning Retreats can be 1-3 days in length based on the needs of your organization and these retreats are designed to engage all of your organization’s key decision makers and leaders. As a facet of our strategic retreats, we complete a detailed assessment of your organization’s needs, challenges and goals so that we can best serve your:

Emerging leaders – a new or aspiring manager in your organization.
Expanding leaders – a manager that has grown into mid-level leadership and management.
Executive leaders – a senior or C-suite leader.
A company facing a culture realignment due to organizational changes, mergers or identity crisis.

As your needs are assessed, we are equipped to provide you with a customized approach to solve your problems and strategically advance your organization. Our options include:
Customized keynote addresses, completely focused on your organizations needs, goals and objectives
Master facilitation of a 1/2, full or multiple day strategic retreat
Consultation to advance your organization via strategic alignment, insight and plan development

If you are ready to align your leaders and advance your organization, simply complete the application at the bottom of this page.

Strategic Consulting Days

During a Strategic Consulting Day, you will work closely with Darnyelle and spend eight hours developing a customized brand elevation strategy. This one day intensive will

  • Clearly define your personal brand
  • Develop brand collateral that will authentically align your personal brand and message
  • Identify high-level opportunities to advance your brand and your company
  • Boost your platform and executive presence
  • Develop your Social Media Brand Alignment Strategy
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