Have you ever watched someone walk into the room and at the sight of them, you were clear that they were someone you needed to know? That’s presence which includes a little something I like to call the Incredible Factor. And while it’s easy to recognize, it can be challenging to define. Yet, when you have it, you are the key to your organization building a strong brand that will attract more clients and gain more leverage.

It starts with confidence and personal conviction that you are more than enough. It becomes obvious in all that you do and it positions you to lead others.

It’s a recognition that first impressions are all you have and a non-negotiable decision to stand out in ANY crowd. There are many who have it and many more who are craving it but just haven’t figured out exactly how to exude it so that it positions them for greater responsibility within their organizations.

Executive presence has three components:

Personal Presence – an exhibition of personal confidence, personal power and a powerful personal image. You stand out from the crowd. It’s about self-reliance and belief that who you are is more than enough to lead any team, perform any job, achieve any goal. As a leader, you inspire others to lead effortlessly. You have personal style. You are sharp, cutting edge and you understand business etiquette and you do everything effectively and with purpose.

Team Presence – an ability to effectively lead others by example and in authenticity so that they want to support what they have helped to create. As a leader, you are personable, present and particularly focused on engaging your team to create results. You care and it shows. You lead unapologetically and take the teams needs into account. You are honest and fair and like-able You understand the importance of each member’s contribution and motivate them to successfully participate.

Organizational Presence – you are clear about your organization’s mission, vision and goals. You are a team player, you step up to lead or support as needed. You are a SME – able to serve as a brand ambassador to attract new clients and help your organization gain leverage. You communicate effectively.

As a leader, you have substance and influence. You stand for something. You communicate substantively and are an expert in your industry and most importantly, you are powerful. You are a sought after leader.

Executive presence creates a strong personal brand and your strong personal brand, makes you a fast favorite amongst colleagues, managers, direct reports, clients and customers.

Are you the type of person I described in paragraph one? Want to be? Allow us to help you create an executive presence so that you build a life and career that brings you joy. Request your discovery session here.


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