Why Choose Amethyst Consulting Group?

A lot has changed over the past 20 years in business. Today, our society is focused on the 3 C’s.  Clarity, Content and Connection.  It’s no longer enough to have a growing company.  Today, you must find a way to connect… to become real, human, a part of the change that the world is seeking. Today you have to make and exude a personal connection in order for people to deem you amongst those businesses that they want to do business with.

A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company.” Marty Neumeier – The Brand Gap.  And as a result, company leadership has to come out from the shadows and create connection.  Today’s consumer wants to meet the people behind the company.  They want to hear their stories, experience their triumphs and share their successes. With the emergence of social media, brands have to be consistent, concise and connected.

The most successful company’s have learned how to bridge the gap between personal brands and company culture.  They’ve strategically infused their company vision into a brand identity that leads their company and their community.

To help today’s organizations compete, Amethyst Consulting Group has developed a series of  comprehensive services to help your leadership team successfully advance your organization.  We will help you to:

  • Determine, define, develop and deliver the personal brands of your diverse team and ensure alignment with your company’s brand and vision.
  • Train your employees to align and support your company’s mission while ensuring peak performance team development
  • Provide brand management persona development training to equip your leaders with the tools to manage more effectively by aligning with their personal brand, and lead from a place of strength.
  • Mitigate stress, burn out and limiting beliefs and behaviors  of your management team so that the company’s results are never hampered

If you are an organization whose leaders are struggling with balancing their personal brand with your company’s culture and responsibilities so that they authentically align in their careers and allows them to effectively lead their teams to peak performance results and success, start by answering the following questions:

  • Do you need to breathe new life into your team so that they get re-energized and positioned to grow your organization’s results?
  • Do you have new leaders and aspiring leaders who need to understand the importance of building a personal and professional brand that supports your corporate initiatives yet empowers them to develop their own signature leadership style to improve results and build peak performing teams?
  • Would empowering your front line employees with empowered leadership strategies impact your customer service levels so that you build more clients for life and enjoy exponential earnings growth each quarter?
  • Could you get excited about having your own qualified executive business coach or expert training and development facilitator infuse your team and leaders with strategies designed to maximize the impact that each individual within your organization makes so that you become an industry leader.

Yes? request your discovery session today.  We  specialize in executive coaching,  leadership and brand training and development, keynotes and workshops that are designed to advance your organization one leader at a time.

Frequently asked questions:

  • It is easy to understand the importance of having a personal brand when you are an individual but please help us understand the benefits of branding for organizations?
    Successful companies understand that their strength lies in their people – managers, front line employees and the executive team. They understand that being able to compete lies in their ability to turn their leaders into brand ambassadors. They are clear that they have to ensure that their leaders are able to successfully bridge the gap and execute the core tenets of their brand. Therefore, successful companies ensure that in addition to their marketing and sales teams, they engage various stage leaders to understand, communicate and execute with clarity and strategic intent the core tenets of their brand within their industry, as well as internally.This approach allows them to be “omnipresent” or at least appear to be.
  • What are the benefits to choosing to work with Amethyst Consulting Group?
    By working with ACG, we help you to increase your brand equity in the marketplace by 50% (or more) within 12 months.  Because our programs are a strategic blend of coaching, training and consulting, you get exactly what you need to build a team that supports  your brand and ensures it stands out from the crowd. Specifically, we will offer executive coaching, professional development training and strategic retreats which will:
    > Clarify your brand identity
    > Assess the challenges to building your brand equity
    > Deliver a brand audit to highlight next steps and solutions
    > Design a strategic brand boosting blueprint to increase your industry leverage
    > Train your team to create and maintain a clear and consistent brand message that aligns authentically to your corporate culture and brand mission