Let’s face it. Your organization is just like your competitors organization – you have the same technology, the same processes, you even have the same mission. The only thing they don’t have that you do have is your people.

Your people – your leaders front the front line to the c-suite – are the key to standing out in the crowded market place.

Today’s organizations are struggling to identify how they cab align the talents of their people to the company’s goals and objectives so that a win-win is created and they add more customers, increase market share and make shareholders ecstatic.

To create an environment for your people to add value, make a contribution, show up, take action and drive results, we recommend the following:

1. Communicate Your Vision. Gone are the days where you can expect each employee to actually read your employee handbook. You have to be active, engaged and focused on delivering the message verbally and non verbally. Taking the time to communicate with your people as often as possible and up and down the career path is essential. You have to create a clear message that is easily recognizable and repeated so that everyone is able to understand and articulate it. And, if your workforce includes Generation Y, you better make it resonate with them.

2. Focus on THEIR Strengths. I’m talking way beyond your traditional SWOT Analysis results. I mean taking the time to learn what motivates and engages each person and ensuring that components of their position include that. When you build an organization filled with people who are working in their areas of core brilliance, your will have happier, more fulfilled people all working to advance your organization.

3. Develop THEIR Opportunities for Improvement. There’s an old saying, “you’re only as strong as your weakest player.” And it couldn’t be more true the organizations that are investing in their people’s opportunities for improvement are the organizations that are winning – in results, marketshare and profits.

4. Build Cohesion. Sadly, many organization kill the training and development budget when they need to reduce expenses to grow revenue but that is the worst thing you can do if you desire to stand out in your industry. The organizations that grow their budgets around professional development are building stronger teams that are happy to make a contribution to the organization.

5. Celebrate Together. The company I use to work for had the right idea. They created a microcosm inside the buildings. We were a family; we celebrated together. They realized that the people were the real key to their success and they spared no expenses creating opportunities for us to win. And to thank them, we performed, handsomely. We had achieved over 50 quarters of consecutive double digit earnings growth because of it.

I am asked all the time by my corporate clients how they can stand out. My answer is always the same. Spend more time developing your people. After all, the only thing that you have that they don’t have is your people. And if you want to keep them, you have to develop them.

Looking for ways to develop your people so that you can stand out in the crowd? Consider our professional development opportunities.

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